about us

BSSC is a collection of 1,000 Bored Snap NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. 

BSSCは、1,000枚のスナップNFTのコレクションであり、イーサリアムのブロックチェーンに存在するデジタル写真です。 スナップ写真はストリートクラブメンバーシップカードを兼ねており、メンバー限定のトークルーム「street3」へアクセスできます。



Ordering work / 仕事の受発注

Place and receive jobs directly within the community. A decentralized guild of creators who can respond not only to shooting projects but also to sudden demand for assistants. We aim to create a low-cost and responsive photography ecosystem by directly connecting photographers and clients without intervening intermediaries.


Knowledge sharing / 知識共有

Want a more accurate and practical answer than Google search? It is possible with the help of the photographers of our photography club. Discuss not only equipment and photography, but also snapshots and contemporary photography. If no one is there, you are the first caller. Show your photos to the members and get their opinions.


Exhibition and Event / 展示

Would you like to organize a non-boring exhibition with members of a bored snap street club? Photowalks are old fashioned and not really suitable for taking real snapshots. Instead, take a photo on the street and then have a drinking party.


Get snaps, Join the street.

Each Bored Snap is unique and taken at different locations and at different times. All snaps are dope, but some are rarer than others. To access members-only areas such as street3, Snapholders will need to be signed into their Metamask Wallet.